The Different Type of Art Valuations and What They Mean

If you've ever watched the popular TV series
Antiques Roadshow - you might not have noticed the subtle-sounding differences in how appraisers often share the value of profiled items. It's very important you learn these variations because they have a monumental impact on how much you'll want to pay for a particular artwork or what you could reasonably expect to receive in the event you ever decided to sell an artwork.

The three most common approach to appraisal you'll see included on Antiques Roadshow include:

  1. If this were to go to auction, I would expect it to sell for…
  2. If I had this item in my store, I would put a price on it of…
  3. If you wanted to insure this item, I would suggest you do so at a value of…

Auction Value

Retail Value

Insurance Value

Net Cash Value

Death Estate Value