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What is ArtBurglar?

A helps beginning collectors properly assess, value and purchase an artwork from internet resources. Every artwork within my collection offers unique lessons to support your educational experience.

I'll be uploading the complete pieces of content through 2017 - this has been a project ten years in the making.

Want to affordably decorate your home or office with original artworks?

I’ll teach you.

Want to know how much that old painting from your grandmother’s is worth?

I’ll show you how to determine its value.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to fine art or a seasoned veteran: you’ll find helpful hints at

Primary Guides

Over 3,000 pages of original hard-hitting content you won't find elsewhere!

1. What's My Art Worth? Want to know how much that old artwork you inherited from Granny is actually worth? Detailed articles and insights to determine its value.
2. Art Buying Tips Details tips and insights for both beginning collectors and seasoned buyers
3. The Art Burglar Collection comprehensive gallery of all the works in the Art Burglar collections used as examples to teach about buying, evaluating and purchasing artworks
4. General Information about plus yours truly: Renee Reyes - including highlights from my life story.

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